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We serve Breakfast-Launch Dinner and late-night deliveries for Corporate Organisations at prices with our menu specifically tailored for your satisfaction

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Nigerian Fusion Grill

We are a  Nigerian fusion upscale grill and bar not too far in the galleria area of Houston, Julie’s has created a demand that combines the amazing taste of Nigerian food with American presentation.

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Julies Bar and Grill

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Dine with us and enjoy our new amazing Lounge, where you can relax, while enjoying our limited menu of Grilled Suya meats, Appetizers and specialty cocktail drinks!

We open at 4 pm from Monday to Sundays closing at 4am. 

Hope to see you soon!

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Our variety Menu

Our main menu served at all times. Suya Spice contains Peanuts.
For Online Orders, the Credit Card used must be present at pickup!



Moin Moin 

Moin-Moin or Moimoi is a Nigerian steamed bean pudding made from a mixture of washed and peeled black-eyed beans, onions and fresh ground red peppers.



Asun, Suya and Small Chops

Suya is a spicy shish chops which is a popular food item in Northern Nigeria, we mix the flavorful spices to make our meats, which include, Beef, Ram, Goat, Chicken, Fish, and Shrimp.



Jollof/Jellof Rice

This meal is one of the most common West African dishes. Jollof Rice or Jellof rice is a rich and incredibly tasty west African one pot Meal.